Meet Omega Kongs, our most ambitious NFT collection yet.

Futuristic artwork with in-depth details and unmatched utility combined.


20.00 CEST / 19.00 BST / 11.00 PDT /
14.00 EDT / 04.00 AEST


The Omega Kongs have arrived

3D art

With never before seen 3D art and attention to detail, your artists set a new standard for creative genius in the web3 space. The futuristic and highly detailed artwork is only a taste of the full experience that’s waiting for you inside the AKC Universe.

NFT community

The Omega Kongs is not only the most detailed and impeccable NFT collection known to date… It’s also co-created by the most driven team and the strongest NFT community you can imagine.

Be a part

Right now, you can become part of it too… AKC has been steadily planning, building and delivering to become one of the greatest brands in the NFT space. And they aren’t about to stop any time soon.


The Omega Kongs bring new utility to the ever-developing AKC ecosystem. They open the gates for future Metaverse land deals, improved staking and more. Discover the Omega Kong classes & utility below… and see why it’s the perfect time to join!


There are 5 different classes within the new Omega Kongs collection. Each class offers unique styles and characteristics.. Lucky members can find legendary Omega Kongs within each class.

The 10,000 piece collection consists of:
Class 01 - 5,002 Citizens

They are the majority of the Omega universe. They work to create a better world with new technologies. While poverty and hunger is long gone, the system still relies on Citizens to accomplish daily tasks. Their style is impeccable and they got a great vibe going for them.

Class 02 - 2,992 Keepers

No matter how intelligent the Kong species are, they still need to be protected from crime and bad influences. Keepers protect citizens from themselves and sometimes are sent on missions to help outsiders. They’ve got next-gen armour and high-tech gear to aid them.

Class 03 - 1,980 Elites

No civilization is without higher education and privilege. Elites get to enjoy both in Omega Kong Society. Some worked hard for their title, while others inherited it. Either way, elites developed a taste for luxury to try and stand out from all the others.

Class 04 - 22 Oracles

A small circle of Omegas who dedicated their lives to studying the past and learning from the mistakes on Earth. They developed a deep sense of wisdom and they use this gift to lead Kongs towards a better future. When science and politics started to mix, they became some of the most powerful Kongs.

Class 05 - 4 Eternals

They say Eternals have been around ever since ancient times. They’re what’s left of the royal families who once ruled all Kongs. Thanks to their massive wealth and knowledge, they formed a secret pact with the Oracles to stay in leadership positions even in a highly developed society. According to rumors, they even possess supernatural powers. But there is no published evidence of this yet.


Omega Kongs are more advanced than their Alpha brothers and sisters. When you assign them to a task, they will find a better way to complete it. This means they will get you increased yields for your staking efforts.
But passive rewards are not all they bring to the table…They grant access to unique future drops.

Omega Land Deed will be airdropped exclusively to holders that own both Alphas and Omegas. With no extra supply. And some of these lands are said to contain Omega Artifacts that bring life-changing utility to lucky holders.

More info to be released soon. Don’t miss out.

Have any Question?

How can I get Omega Kongs?

The most straightforward way was to hold Alpha Kongs and consume the Blue Banana Serum airdropped to you for free. This mints your Omega and you’ll only have to cover gas. If you missed out, enter the public sale on June the 6th (See the details on Discord.)

If you miss that too, grab an Omega or two from secondary marketplaces such as the official OpenSea here once they’re trading.

Is there a specific time I have to drink my Blue Banana Serum?

No, via the website you can drink your Blue Banana Serum whenever you like.

When can I drink my Blue Banana Serum?

After phase 3, on the public mint day, the wait is finally over and then you can drink your Blue Banana Serum via the website.

This will burn the serum and you keep your Alpha Kong.

When can I mint Omega Kongs?

The mint is divided into three phases.

Phase 1.
The first phase is for holders that have been staking their Alpha Kongs for over a month.

The mint will take place in June, on Sunday the 5th at 20.00 CEST / 19.00 BST / 11.00 PDT / 14.00 EDT.

The window for minting is 2 hours.

Only people in phase one have a high maximum mint of up to 10 Omega Kongs.

Phase 2.
The second phase will be for everyone holding an Alpha Kong.

The mint will take place in June, on Sunday the 5th at 22.00 CEST / 21.00 BST / 13.00 PDT / 16.00 EDT.

The minting window for Alpha Kong holders will be 4 hours after phase one is finished.

Phase two has a lower maximum mint of only 4 Omega Kongs.

Phase 3.
The day after June the 5th, on June the 6th, 20.00 CEST / 19.00 BST / 11.00 PDT / 14.00 EDT a public mint will start with a maximum mint of 2 Omega Kongs.

The minting window of phase 3 will be 4 hours.

How many Omega Kongs can I mint?

Phase one is for the true holders, they have a chance to mint up to 10 Omega Kongs.

Phase two will be able to mint 4 Omega Kongs.

Phase three will be able to mint 2 Omega Kongs.

What will be the mint price?

The mint price for the Omega Kongs will be 0.25 ETH.

How big is the collection?

The Omega Kongs collection consists of 10,000 unique, detailed and futuristic NFTs.

What utility does an Omega have?

See section 4 above for a detailed explanation. In short, you can expect compounding staking rewards, future free airdrops (such as valuable land deeds) and much more!